First-Rate Mold Inspection and Lead Testing Solutions

When you're looking for convenient mold inspection and lead testing solutions, Envirotest Mold Asbestos Inspection in Dedham, Massachusetts, is the company to rely on. We primarily provide the following on-site testing:

Health Hazards:

 • Radon
 • Mildew
 • Bacteria
• Asbestos
• Lead Paint
• Mold (Fungi)

• Environmental Issues
• Hazardous or Nuisance Identification
• Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Mold in Petri Dish

Property Safety:

 • Air Quality
 • Soil Quality
• Water Quality
• Ice Dam Damage

• Sick Building Syndrome
• Formaldehyde in Flooring Inspection


Consulting and Testing

At our company, our focus is evaluating your indoor environmental concerns and to provide you knowledgeable, balanced, thoughtful, and economical solutions for these. We are always on hand when you need consulting and testing services for the following:

Testing Materials
 • Air Quality Sampling
 • Water and Soil Testing
• Environmental Consulting
• Radon Testing and Design

• Granite Counter Top Testing for Radiation


 • Sampling • Analysis and Inspections • Project Monitoring
Lead Paints:
 • Testing and Consulting  • Consulting • Monitoring
 • Analysis • Testing • Consulting
Clients Served
Ensure that your home and office space are safe from environmental hazards. Allow us to assist you if you have any air quality and environmental concerns. At our company, we serve a wide range of clients that include:
 • Contractors
 • Developers
• School Systems
• Private Homeowners
• Management Companies
• Commercial Space Providers
Free Estimates
Take advantage of our free estimates. We give the quotation upon the completion of the inspection of your residential property or commercial establishment.



Contact us at (781) 329-1133, for more details about our hassle-free mold inspection and lead testing solutions.

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